Krusaders are available for:

  • Church Activities
  • Youth Services
  • Street Ministry
  • Charitable Activities
  • Multi-Night Revivals
  • Any function you wish to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

This ministry is offered to all denominations with the simple preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry attracts the attention of those who would not normally be interested in attending a church service and the Krusaders use this opportunity to witness to them.

The Krusaders team has been amazed to see how God has brought many people to repentance, salvation, and rededication through this ministry.

The Program is presented with fast paced up-beat contemporary Christian music. The Krusaders use Martial Arts techniques and skills such as crushing of 2'-3' of concrete blocks and 3' of solid ice. Tearing of metro phone books, bending steel bars, exploding 7-up cans, weapons demonstrations, musical forms, blowing up hot water bottles until they explode, breaking baseball bats, and driving 16 penny nails with our bare hands through wooden boards.
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Steven and Christy Paul