It's a joy to watch God's people be called out to serve in exciting ministry. I give a personal thanks to the Krusaders team for their limitless amount of love, service and dedication to show God's saving grace to the world around them. The Bible says to do whatever you do in word or deed, do it as unto the Lord and not unto man. I believe your commitment to your talent and martial arts and your desire to share God's grace to the world around you make a combination that draws attention of children, youth and adults alike. Thank you for demonstrating to us how God wants to break down any wall in our life that keeps us from being all He wants us to be! I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a way to present the gospel in the areas mentioned contact the Krusader Ministry Team! Whether they are breaking blocks, busting canned drinks, blowing up hot water bottles, or sharing about the love Jesus you are in for a treat.

God Bless,

Jimmy Henry
Minister of Children/Adult Education
West Jackson Street Baptist Church


We would like to recommend the Krusaders for your church group. They are easy to work with and very accommodating. They reach and keep everyone's attention from age 4 up. They presented the gospel and saving grace of Jesus in a very plain manner and use their techniques to demonstrate this. Our children's minister, Beth Martin, was appreciative in the manner in which the alter call was held. Again, we would recommend them to any group and THANKS Krusaders!


Rodney and Stefanie Oliver
RA and GA Director
Harrisburg Baptist Church, Tupelo, MS


Hey Guys, I wanted to drop a line and Thank you again for your committment to the ministry. You guys are wonderful. Not only do you
reach out to just teens but you minister to the whole family as well. There's no "show" in what you do, you definitley touch lives, we laughed
and we cried, we clapped and cheered, AND WE WATCHED AS THE WALLS CAME DOWN!!!

We will definitley see you again,
God Bless and ....Please be careful

Bobby Richardson
Youth Pastor
Columbus Church of God


If you are looking for a fresh and exciting way to reach your youth (and young at heart) you can't beat "The Krusaders". They put on an awesome show for our church and everyone received a blessing. These fine people are truly lead by God and deliver an important message to Christian youth today - that church/religion/being a Christian is suppose to be and can be FUN! Our group was spell bound during the demonstration and for the first time at our small church when there was and alter call YOUNG PEOPLE came forward. God gave us a tremendous blessing the day we discovered The Krusaders. The adults enjoyed the show and received a blessing as well as the youth. We have already rescheduled a return visit for this fall. Please do your church a favor and experience this ministry for your self.

God Bless you,

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church
Tremont, MS


Please give me the opportunity to recommended to you the Krusaders Martial Arts Team. The Krusaders present Jesus and His Way of life through the use of Martial Arts Techniques. They simple give us a visual picture of what God does in the life of an individual. On October the 31st, we invited the Krusaders to do a performance for our youth and children. On this day there were no tricks just treats as we saw over 25 children come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Through the Krusaders' simple presentation of the Gospel, God moved in the lives of several individuals. During the invitation time we had as many as 50 at the altar. I would highly recommend the Krusaders to anyone for any kind of event that their church might do. I hope we will be able to have them back again soon. Thanks Krusaders for giving your lives to do the God's ministry.

Amazed by Him,

Brad Ligon
Interim Minister to Students
First Baptist Church
Saltillo, Mississippi


This past year we started an Upward Basketball League for boy and girlsgrades 1-6 at the First United Methodist Church in New Albany, Mississippi. When the season was complete, over 500 children and family members participated in the Awards Night Ceremony. I asked the Krusaders to provide the program for this event. The goal of the night was to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and their families in a clear and exciting manner. I have never seen so many children on the edge of their seats hanging on every word that was said. When it came time for the alter call, the children flooded to the front to pray. Many children came to Christ that night through their ministry. I am so thankful to have witnessed what God did that night and am looking forward to next year.

Eric Harding
Chairman Local Ministries
First United Methodist Church
New Albany, MS

Allow me to recommend The Krusaders - Martial Arts Team to you for youth events, crusades or special services. The Krusaders presented demonstrations of martial arts techniques and exhibitions of strength and each was explained with scripture reading, personal testimonies and the basic presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Krusaders team was open, courteous, and mingled and ministered with our youth and church members. They truly do consider the opportunity to perform as an open door to minister to your church. I wholeheartedly recommend The Krusaders to you for an outreach ministry event in your church or to your community.

In His Service,

Ken Griffith
Associate Pastor of Students and Worship
Gaston Baptist Church
Booneville, MS


Dear Steven & Krusaders Team,

Thank you so much for coming to share the truth of God in such a unique
way. Children, youth, and adults alike were captivated by the strength
and self-defense demonstrations. As a result, the audience was very
receptive to the message of God that the Krusaders proclaim. Feats of
human strength were on display, but the power of God was more than
evident. The LORD moved in mighty ways as we saw many come to the altar
to "do business" with Him. Four people prayed to receive Christ as
their LORD and Savior. Praise The LORD! We definitely plan to schedule
a return engagement with the Krusaders.

Give GOD Glory!

Bro. Lance Word
Youth Minister
First Baptist Church, Ripley, MS


Dear Steven and Christy:

The Lord worked in a lot of lives that evening. I still find it amazing how God can use us in unusual ways to serve His purposes. Thank you for coming to Center Hill. I hope that you will travel this way again. Until that time, know that you and your ministry will be in our prayers.


Henry V. Adams

I am writing this letter to express my opinion on The Krusader's performance at our church on Wednesday, November 8, 2000. The Krusaders are a very enthusiastic group with a unique way of sharing the gospel. I highly recommend that you invite this group to perform for you. I found them to be highly energetic, skilled, and more importantly, excited about Jesus. They were enjoyed by all age groups. It is evident that they devote alot of time and hard work toward their ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Jeffrey Waldo
Pastor, Martin Baptist Church
New Albany, MS 38652

Dear Team,

It was truly a blessing to have you at our youth rally in March. You did a wonderful job of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through your martial arts techniques. If a church wants to excite the youth, as well as, tell them about Jesus, I strongly recommend the Krusaders. Keep up the good work.

In His Service,
Shane Evetts, Interim Pastor
Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
Burnsville, MS

The Krusaders are awesome!! God is definitely working through this unique ministry. I would recommend the Krusaders to any church. They are very gifted spiritually and have a wonderful way of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. They have something to offer all ages. The Krusaders are very professional and have a moving and inspiring program. Again, without any reservations I would recommend them to be used anytime at any function.

Truett Brown
Youth and Children's Minister
East Booneville Baptist Church


Just wanted to drop you a little note and say thank you. Ya'll's performance last night was awsome. The Lord is trully working through ya'll to do a mighty work. The show was enjoyed by all in attendance. And we are rejoicing over Amanda giving her life to the Lord Jesus last night. May God continue to bless you all. Keep up the good work.

Natasha McKnatt
Fulton Free Will Baptist Church